2 Timothy

8/11/22-12/11/22 – 17 Sermons

8/21/22 Sermon

Rick DeVaul

Full Your Ministry – Introduction

8/28/22 Sermon

Charley Epps – Unavailable

Serve with a Sincere Faith

9/4/22 Sermon

Jim Callahan

Serve in Synch with the Spirit


9/11/22 Sermon

Kirk Bertshce

Serve Unashamed through Hardship

9/18/22 Sermon

Scott Koppel

Serve Unashamed like Others

9/25/22 Sermon

Bryan Thomas

Serve Vigorously from a Position of Grace

10/2/22 Sermon

Sanjay Krishnaswamy

Serve Jesus and His Gospel

10/9/22 Sermon

Rick DeVaul

Serve Accurately

10/16/22 Sermon

Charley Epps

Serve as a Vessel of Honor

10/23/22 Sermon

Jim Callahan

Serve Profitably

10/30/22 Sermon

Scott Koppel

Serve Recognizing the Depravity of Man

11/6/22 Sermon

Kirk Bertsche

Serve through the Inevitable Persecution by Following My Example

11/13/22 Sermon

Bryan Thomas

Serve through the Inevitable Persecution by Letting the Scripture Equip You

11/20/22 Sermon

Ben Jacobs

Serve as One Who Will Be Accountable to God

11/27/22 Sermon

Rick DeVaul

Serve Now While They Are Willing to Hear

12/4/22 Sermon

Charley Epps

Serve Because My Service Is Ending

12/11/22 Sermon

Jim Callahan

Practical Needs in Service